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We have been launched: Lyneham Commons Project goes live

Mark Sawa, The Canberra Times

Gardening guru Costa Georgiadis has described a new food forest initiative in Lyneham as a “project of national significance”.

The Lyneham Commons project has created a model of urban farming in Canberra that allows unused pieces of public land to be planted out with fruit and nut trees The citizen-led initiative has taken two years to negotiate and has received overwhelming community support, with 97 per cent of people in favour of the project.

“The high level of support for the Lyneham food forest reflects the growing momentum for community and school gardens, city farms and sustainable gardening in general,” Mr Georgiadis said.

The Lyneham Commons, unlike community gardens that have private plots, will create a sustainable tree-based food forest. About 30 varieties of fruit and nut trees will be planted including apple, plum, cherry and pistachio — transforming a bare piece of underutilised public land into a thriving public orchard.

Lyneham Commons’ founder Alison Stewart said they’d worked on a model with the government that could be easily replicated across Canberra. “It is not that this is a new idea that we’ve thought up,” Ms Stewart said. “This is a worldwide movement to bring food growing back into the suburbs and Canberra is an ideal city for that.”

Read more at http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-life/costa-georgiadis-says-food-forest-has-national-significance-20150702-gi36aw.html

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How the Lyneham Commons Group Works

Lyneham Commons LogoThe Lyneham Commons is a non-incorporated community organisation that is open to all who share our vision and objectives and agree to our ‘Agreements for the Commons’

The Lyneham Commons members will works as TAMS volunteers to establish and maintain the proposed Lyneham Food Forest.

Our Vision

To create the Lyneham Commons – a sustainable, perennial, tree-based food garden in Lyneham, with the resources and the effort shared by members.

Agreements for the Commons

We are an open group with shared obligations and opportunities.

The Lyneham Commons provides us with opportunities to

  • Become a Friend of the Commons
  • Participate in decision-making as much or little as you desire
  • Contribute to the creation of the Commons as much or as little as you desire
  • Attend harvest events and share the harvest in a generous and equitable way
  • Learn and apply sustainable gardening and water harnessing practices

Participating in Lyneham Commons requires us to accept obligations to: Continue reading

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The Staging Plan

site plan

site plan

key to site plan

key to site plan

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Become a Friend of the Lyneham Commons Project

Anybody can become a friend of our project. Just fill out this form and press subscribe to list. You will be:

– sent updates on a bimonthly basis

– informed of working bees, workshops or induction activities

– told about social events, fundraisers or harvesting opportunities

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Planting and Landscape Plan

List of fruitindicative plan keyplanting and Landscape PLan

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